Tathbit Dala'il Nubuwwat Sayyidina Mahammad

Evidence of the Roman Conspiracy to Hijack Nazirutha

The following is an excerpt from an ancient manuscript translated in 1990 by Israeli Shlomo Pines. It corroborates claims made by Epiphanius and Eusebius that the Nazoreans fled from Jerusalem at some point prior to the destruction of the city and outlines the conspiracy of those disgruntled members of the Nazorean community who broke from the true faith. It supports the idea that the original religion of Jesus was driven not west to Rome, but east into modern day Iraq.

The original document, of Nazorean origin, was most definitely written in Syriac and is part of a collection made by by the well-known tenth century Mu'tazilite author 'Abd al-Jabbar and is called 'Tathbit Dala'il Nubuwwat Sayyidina Mahammad', 'The Establishment of Proofs for the Prophethood of Our Master Mohammed'. Keep in mind that the compiler is not without motive. The fact that the parallel drawn by the Byzantines between Constantine and Ardeshir son of Babak (or Papak) is referred to, appears to prove that the text was written before the downfall of the Sassanid dynasty brought about by the Moslem conquest. For, in this comparison, Ardeshir appears as the greater man. This parallel also suggests that the text was written in a locality such as Harran, which was connected both with the Persian and the Roman Empires. On the whole it seems probable (and more than probable) that what I have called the main part of the texts was composed either in the fifth, or the sixth or the beginning of the seventh century.

"The Romans (al-Rum) reigned over them. The Christians (used to) complain to the Romans about the Jews, showed them their own weakness and appealed to their pity. And the Romans did pity them. This (used) to happen frequently. And the Romans said to the Christians: "Between us and the Jews there is a pact which (obliges us) not to change their religious laws (adyan). But if you would abandon their laws and separate yourselves from them, praying as we do (while facing) the East, eating (the things) we eat, and regarding as permissible that which we consider as such, we should help you and make you powerful, and the Jews would find no way (to harm you). On the contrary, you would be more powerful than they."

"The Christians answered:"We will do this." (And the Romans) said: "Go, fetch your companions, and bring your Book (kitab)." (The Christians) went to their companions, informed them of (what had taken place) between them and the Romans and said to them: "Bring the Gospel (al-injil), and stand up so that we should go to them." But these (companions) said to them: "You have done ill. We are not permitted (to let) the Romans pollute the Gospel. In giving a favourable answer to the Romans, you have accordingly departed from the religion. We are (therefore) no longer permitted to associate with you; on the contrary, we are obliged to declare that there is nothing in common between us and you;" and they prevented their (taking possession of) the Gospel or gaining access to it. In consequence a violent quarrel (broke out) between (the two groups). Those (mentioned in the first place) went back to the Romans and said to them: "Help us against these companions of ours before (helping us) against the Jews, and take away from them on our behalf our Book (kitab)."

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