Paul and the Persian Sun God Mithras

Many religious scholars have wondered if Paul was an adherent of Mithras. After all, he was born in Asia Minor an area where the Persian sun god Mithras was popular. For those who doubt that Paul had been influenced by the religion of Mithras, it is difficult to explain the similarities between the two religious icons. Both were born in natural settings and exposed to sheperds. According to an Asian school of Mithraism, he like Jesus was born to a virgin. Many years earlier Zoroaster had predicted the actual physical birth of Mithras which is why Jesus was visited by the three Magi. Mithras like Jesus was born on December 25th. While Jesus came to battle the Devil and his demons, Mithras was born to battle the Persian Devil Ahriman. Mithras like Jesus came to Earth to serve his Father Ormuzd Ahura Mazda. After the crucifixion, Jesus emerges from behind a large rock, while at his birth Mithras emerged from a rock. In his last moments of life Mithras gathered together 12 devotees just like Jesus at the Last Supper. Both ascended during the springtime. Mithras like Jesus promised his devotees that he would return to raise the dead at the end of time.

There also exist many similarities between the two religions. Both religions require initiates to be baptized, but Christianity uses holy water while Mithraism used a bull's blood. Mithras rites were observed in dark undergroud temples much like early Christianites use of the catacombs of Rome. Both religions use the sacrament of wine and bread on their holy day, Sunday. Both religions have a seven step spiritual path. Like Christianity, followers of Mithras believed in heaven and hell and eternal life. Finally, the three wise men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus were Persian Magi.

At the time of Constantine, Mithraism was the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. It was particularly popular amongst the Roman soldiers. Even the Emperor Constantine was a follower of Mithras prior to his miraculous conversion to Christianity.

It seems all too obvious that Paul fashioned Christianity after the religion of Mithras, however, that is not the case. Mithras just like Jesus Christ also had a source and that source was the Indian Christ Mitra or Murrugan, the Peacock Angel. Remember, the Indian Gospels that Apollonius brought back with him, about Hindoo god Christos, from Farther India. Those documents were in all liklihood written about Murrugan the Peacock Angel, the Christ of India and it is these manuscripts that were the basis for the original Christian gospels.

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