Problems with the 'Bible Fraud' Timeline
According to author Tony Bushby Jesus and Judas were the illegitimate twins of Miriamne Herod III, the granddaughter of Miriamne Herod I and Herod the Great. Miriamne was the younger sister of Herodias who was born c 15 BCE. Miriamne is the Hebrew form of Mary. It is believed that Mary was only 15 at the time she gave birth. Since John the Baptist was only several months older than Jesus, this would mean that Archelaus called John in for a sit down when he was only 6 years old. It would also mean that Judas, who he claims was Judas of Galilee, would have been captured in the raid on Sepphoris when he was only 6 and it would also mean that Jesus, who he claims was the English King Cunobeline, would have been 9 when he rose to power in Cornwall in 9 CE.

The German tombstone Bushby used to link the Talmudic Panthera/Pandira/Pandera and Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (Roman Emperor Tiberius) bears the inscription "Tiberius Julius Abdes Panthera, an archer, native of Sidon, Phoenicia, who in 9AD was transferred to service in Rhineland...." could not possibly be from the time frame in question. The term AD was not in use until Pope Gregory XIII (1502
1585) and the term Rhineland was not in use during that time frame. Anyway, how would someone living in 9 AD know that it was 9 AD as at that time no one had even heard of Jesus Christ, let alone be using a dating system based on his birth. However, the inscription may have been made by someone during the Middle Ages who had knowledge of the true identity of the Gospel Jesus garnered from Jewish documents burned by the Church during the 15th century.

It seems that Bushby bought into the Book of Acts as history, where it claims that Judas of Galilee rose up after Theudas. According to Josephus, Judas rose up almost 4 decades prior to Theudas who in all liklihood was one of Judas' sons Thaddeus/Judas, one of the so-called Apostles of his older brother Jesus.

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